High level Dragon Ball FighterZ set in Season 3 features gameplay for Vegito, Bardock, Yamcha, Base Form Vegeta, and Android 21

Season 3 of Dragon Ball FighterZ has applied a number of interesting system mechanics and balance changes to the game. Some might even say that Dragon Ball FighterZ feels like an entirely new experience.

YogaFlame24 recently uploaded footage of two high level players going at it. The two players featured are Jila and MrPopo, both from Europe.

During the video, Jila shows off some impressive gameplay for Vegito, Bardock, and Yamcha. It seems that Jila prefers Vegito’s Super Saiyan look rather than the default blue appearance.

As for MrPopo, Base Form Vegeta, Android 21, and Yamcha are his characters of choice. Notably, Base Form Vegeta has seen a significant number of improvements in Season 3 that might make him into a top tier threat.

Being that this is a chaotic team versus fighting game in the same vein as the Marvel vs. Capcom series, mistakes can be quite costly. After being opened up by MrPopo’s Android 21, Jila was on the receiving end of some big damage.

At the cost of four bars of meter, MrPopo was able to rack up something in the vicinity of 80-90% damage.

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